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Bank Pekao

Bank Pekao

Bank Pekao is a Warsaw, Poland-based bank.


Bank Pekao (Bank Polska Kasa Opieki) S.A. is a commercial banking group that provides retail and investment services to individual, retail, corporate, and institutional customers, operating primarily in Poland. The Polish Ministry of the Treasury founded Bank Pekao on March 17, 1929, with its headquarters in Warsaw, Poland. The group's segments include retail banking, private banking, corporate and investment banking, enterprise banking, as well as assets and liabilities management. Among these segments, retail banking accounts for most of the bank's net interest income and fee and commission income, followed by corporate and investment banking. The majority of the bank's revenue is net interest income, almost entirely derived from loans and accounts receivable (AR) from customers. Bank Pekao offers standard personal banking services, including the following:

  • Personal and savings accounts
  • Personal advisory and investment navigation
  • Capital management services that include pioneer funds, term deposits, investment programs, brokerage, and structured products
  • Cash loans, mortgage loans, and investment financing services
  • Credit cards, electronic banking, and brokerage services
Corporate banking

The bank's corporate banking products and services comprise the following:

  • Current, escrow, term deposit, and negotiable accounts
  • Treasury bills and bonds
  • Business operations and commercial real estate financing services
  • Electronic banking, cash management, and trade finance services
  • Treasury products such as foreign exchange, hedging against foreign exchange risk, and interest rate hedging
Additional products and services

Furthermore, Bank Pekao provides:

  • Insurance products and services
  • Private banking and assets management services
  • Corporate finance services in the areas of mergers and acquisitions and public and private offering
  • Securities trading on secondary market
  • Pension fund management, transferable agent, call-center, and real estate development services



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