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Banihal (company)

Banihal (company)

Banihal is an artificial intelligence company that helps single people find a partner, founded by Ishdeep Sawhney and Upender Sawhney.

Banihal is a company that uses artificial intelligence to help people find a matched relationship. The company was founded by Ishdeep Sawhney, and Upender Sandadi in 2012, San Francisco.

Banihal lets users create their profiles that highlight what makes them unique. The personal profiles is designed to act like the human mind does to find those that you are attracted to. The company's founders decided to combine artificial intelligence and personal profile creation because it is difficult to predict how user's lives will progress and change over the course of time.

Each profile is linked to twenty other profiles through the artificial intelligence program Banihal employs, and from there the user is able to view and make a decision. The program is comparable to a Google search in that there may be millions of different results that are related to what the user is looking for, but the only view the to chunk that is most closely matched. The market that online matchmaking has today, has accounted for over five million marriages. Banihal looks to continue to raise these numbers.



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