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Bain Capital Double Impact

Bain Capital Double Impact

An investment company that specializes in making alternative investments. It has several offices and its headquarters are in Boston, Massachusetts. It was founded in 1984.

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Bain Capital is a Boston-based financial service company that makes investments. Asset classes in which the company invest include credit, fixed income, public equity, venture capital, and real estate. It also works within industries such as life sciences and technology.The company often works with local communities and non-profits to ensure that it is making a positive impact.


The company has more than 100 billions dollars in assets that are being managed. It has made over 800 investments in private equity and its business development company gives financing solutions to middle-market companies which are mostly located in the United States. Bain Capital's venture capital portion of the company works with entities creating business to business high-growth enterprise software and has companies such as Bloomreach, enclarity, Flow, SendGrid, Lime, and InfoScout in its portfolio. Its real estate branch focuses on hard-to-access sectors and has invested in more than 380 assets since 2018.

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