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Bagaveev Corporation

Bagaveev Corporation

Bagaveev Corporation is a nanosatellite launcher company designing, developing and testing pressure fed 3D printed rocket engines. It participated in the W15 cohort of Y Combinator.

Bagaveev Corporation is a company that is interested in developing and working on propulsion systems. The company was founded by Nadir Bagaveyev in 2013, in San Mateo, California, United States.

The company has designed, built, and tested 3D printed aerospike rocket engines that operate during lower and upper stages of launch. Bagaveev Corporation's 3D printed engines are pressure fed, and have been launched tested in the Mojave Desert. Their demo was meant to reach space sub-orbitally as a single stage rocket launch. The operation included their five-ton, two-stage rocket delivering a total of 10kg to a Sun Synchronous Orbit.

The company looks to deliver short term missions in order to deliver the space industry to Silicon Valley, universities, and other institutions by launching nano-sats once a week, rather than two year backlogs. Their main mission is to explore and conquer the cosmos to benefit mankind, and to explore curiosity. In the short term, they look to launch nanosatellites once a week. Intermediately, they look to build two-person reusable rocket and spacecraft. In the long term, they look to establish mining, production, and communication hubs on the Moon's surface.



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