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BRiN (company)

BRiN (company)

BRiN is a feature that is a part of a mobile application company which uses artificial intelligence to act as business advisers to its users. It has two locations; one in San Francisco, California and the other is in Sydney, Australia. It was founded in 2015.

BRiN is a Sydney-based artificial intelligence adviser that is part of the mobile application Bizversity. The website compares BRiN to a digital business coach. It gives human-like support to small and medium sized businesses using artificial intelligence. It uses an interactive chat interface to obtain data about the user's business problems and outputs recommendations and solutions to those problems.


The intended result of the use of BRiN is to get human-like responses for real-life business problems. Users can ask BRiN business questions and may receive a graphics interchange format (GIF) as a response, just like when interacting with a friend on a messaging application. BRiN may also direct users to a library of information that is contained within the Bizversity's database in order to resolve the user's business issues. Users can also request inspirational quotes or shows or episodes to watch from Bizversity. Bizuniversity is the platform from which BRiN operates and contains thousands of original videos and other content relating to business solutions and ideas for business growth.


May 24, 2016
Bizversity is launched

Bizversity is launched, containing BRiN as its artificial intelligence business adviser to be used in the chat interface.

January 25, 2015
BRiN is founded

Dale Beaumont founds BRiN in Sydney, Australia.


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