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Augmented reality-assisted surgery

Augmented reality-assisted surgery

The field of using augmented reality to help assist medical surgery.

In surgery, other than infection, tissue differentiation is one of the biggest challenges for surgeons - what, where, and how much to cut. Many procedures also require clinicians to view multiple 2D monitors, creating eye-hand coordination and depth perception issues that can increase procedure time & reduce quality of outcomes.

The limited ability to differentiate tissue and accurately gauge perfusion can negatively impact decision-making, leading to increased complications, patient morbidity and reoperation rates.

Current attempts to improve tissue differentiation and perfusion are challenged by workflow issues from expensive and cumbersome equipment.

Preoperative images, patient vitals and other data that are critical to improved decision-making still require visual and verbal distractions during procedures.

Augmented reality can be applied to this problem to help create the next generation of image and fluorescent guided surgery. This requires a combination of computer vision, image recognition, image process and co-registration of multimodal images.


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March 20, 2018


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