Atlas Venture

Atlas Venture

Atlas Venture creates and invests in biotech startup companies in the U.S. with seed and early stage venture investments.

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Atlas has invested in over 150 life sciences startups since it began investing in the sector in 1990. Atlas invests in a range of therapeutic areas, including immuno-oncology, autoimmunity/inflammation, neuroscience, gene/cell therapy and editing, and anti-infectives. The current portfolio includes gene/cell editing/therapy companies AVROBIO, Generation Bio, Intellia Therapeutics, Obsidian Therapeutics, and Unum Therapeutics; oncology companies Bicycle Therapeutics, Kyn Therapeutics, Replimune, Surface Oncology, and Unum Therapeutics; autoimmunity companies Nimbus Therapeutics and Padlock Therapeutics; anti-infectives company Spero Therapeutics; synthetic biology company Synlogic; RNA companies miRagen Therapeutics and Translate Bio; and CNS companies Cadent Therapeutics, Disarm Therapeutics, Navitor, and Rodin Therapeutics; and novel platform companies Accent Therapeutics, Kymera Therapeutics, Gemini Therapeutics, HotSpot TherapeuticsHotSpot Therapeutics, and Akero. Notable prior exits from Atlas’ life sciences portfolio include Actelion, Adnexus Therapeutics, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Annovation Biopharma, Annovation Biopharma, ArQule, Arrow Therapeutics, Arteaus Therapeutics, Avila Therapeutics, CoStim Pharmaceuticals, Crucell, deCODE genetics, Delinia, Exelixis, IFM Therapeutics Inc., Micromet, Momenta Pharmaceuticals, MorphoSys, Nimbus Apollo, Novexel, Padlock Therapeutics, Stromedix, and U3 Pharma.