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Atlas Dex Investors

Atlas Dex Investors

Atlas DEX Raises $6M From Jump Capital, Huobi Ventures and Other Leading Investors

Atlas DEX’s funding round of 6 million dollars led by Jump Capital.

Our raise also had participation from Huobi Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Solidity Ventures, Genblock Capital, 3Commas Capital, Solar Eco Fund, Momentum 6, GSR, 0xVentures, Bixin Ventures, AU21 and Paramount Capital.

What we’re building & planning…

Atlas DEX is a decentralized platform built to create a seamless trading experience for anyone looking to trade any assets across multiple blockchains. Our platform is designed to use cross-chain liquidity pools to optimize price discovery and trade execution, and presents an elegant solution for users. At launch, Atlas DEX users will be able to trade tokens on Solana, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Ethereum.

This raise will accelerate our expansion plans such as integrating further leading blockchains into the platform and developing new products including an all-in-one DeFi dashboard, liquidity pools and an NFT marketplace.

“We believe the future of DeFi is multichain and user-centric. That’s why Atlas DEX is so valuable to users, because it delivers automatic trade execution across multiple chains at the best prices. We’re proud of how the Atlas DEX community has come together so quickly and we’re excited to continue innovating solutions for the multichain future.” — Ahmed Salam, Founder of Atlas DEX

What do our key partners say?

“As the DeFi ecosystem grows, cross-chain interoperability becomes increasingly important to end users. We’re impressed at how Atlas DEX uses trusted technology and its intuitive user experience to simplify the complexities of cross-chain connectivity and reduce barriers for users.” — Saurabh Sharma, General Partner at Jump Capital

“The 1st Generation DEXes offered an alternative to CEXes, but the marketplace is still fragmented. We believe Atlas DEX has cutting-edge technologies to bridge all blockchain ecosystems, realize the interoperability of assets on public chains, and help users complete the conversion and transfer of assets under a safe environment.” — Evans Huangfu, Senior Investment Manager at Huobi Ventures

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This funding round comes at a time when we are preparing for our cross-chain DEX for mainnet launch, less than eight months since our project started. We are so excited for what the future holds for Atlas DEX!


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