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Artie Maddicks

Artie Maddicks

Fictional character in Marvel Comics

Arthur "Artie" Maddicks is the son of a dedicated scientist, Dr. Carl Maddicks. After attempting to steal a serum, from Dr. Henry McCoy, Dr. Maddicks was shot, by the Secret Empire and, after surviving his wounds, began a new life, with his son, Artie. As his mother had died years go, Dr. Maddicks was all Artie had. Carl began a job at Ryan's Labs and, on Artie's eleventh birthday, his mutation manifested, leaving him disfigured and mute. Dr. Maddicks, wanting to cure his son of mutation, hired Tower, to abduct Dr. McCoy, as he had reached an impasse and knew that only Dr. McCoy could help. Dr. Maddicks performed an experiment, trying to cure mutation, but only managed to revert the Beast's enhanced, blue-furred mutation to an earlier state. Attempting to erase Beast's trail, Dr. Maddicks contacted X-Factor, unaware that they were actually teammates of Beast, to eliminate Tower. After the team arrived to rescue Beast, the Ryan's Lab security was alerted and Dr. Maddicks, realizing that they would shoot to kill, asked X-Factor to save his son, while he delayed them and was shot down.



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