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Art Clay World

Art Clay World

From idea to creation: a journey with ArtClay Silver.

Art Clay is a recycled product manufactured by Aida Chemical Industries in Japan. Aida recycles and reclaims a variety of different metals, and the silver comes from many different sources, like film stock and negatives.

The Art Clay series of products are made of pure metal powders mixed with non-toxic binders and water. When kiln, torch or stove top fired, the binders burn away, leaving pure silver (99.9% silver), pure copper (more than 99.5% copper), or gold (22K).

The Art Clay Syringe type Range is easy to handle, and you can freely shape it just like with the modeling clay you used when you were a child. After firing at the proper temperature and holding time you will get a one-of-a-kind pure silver, gold, or copper piece.

Art Clay Series Products

Type of product

Art Clay Bronze

Art Clay Bronze can be fired and its alloy powder fuses together in an electric kiln using carbon under reducing atmosphere, with the resulting fired piece being solid alloy (Copper 90%, Tin 10%). The percentage of alloy powder in Art Clay Bronze in the clay state is 90%.

Art Clay Copper

It can be fired in an electric kiln with or without using carbon, with the resulting fired piece being more than 99.5% pure Copper. (The percentage of copper in the clay state is 90%.)

Art Clay Gold

It is a water-based gold clay that can be modeled in the same way as Clay Type of other Art Clay series products. It turns into high quality 22-Karat gold with approx. 15% shrinkage after firing.

Art Clay Gold Paste

It comes in a viscous liquid form. You can add texture or draw directly on the surface of Art Clay Silver (fired piece), ceramic, porcelain and/or glass. 77.5% of the indicated weight is 24-Karat gold, and will become 22-Karat gold after firing.

Art Clay Silver

Basic type that you can fire as low as 650 Deg.C up to 800 Deg.C. The most popular type among all Art Clay series.


With Art Clay Silver, you can create any expression as it is, in free-form, and have it become a one of a kind piece.


Art Clay Silver has become a very popular hobby product all over the world in the last few decades and is loved by many users and artistic communities the world over.

Art Clay Official Distributor

As of 2021, 40 Art Clay Official distributors located around the world, covering 48 countries.

ArtClay Silver



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