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Arlequin is the Artists Metaverse for Painters with a Paint-to-Earn system.

Arlequin is Cute 3D Arlee NFTs to Collect & Paint. In Artists Metaverse Artists will participate in painting contests where the community will vote for their favourite. Tokens will be distributed based on ranking of the leaderboard.

How it works

In the Arlequin Metaverse, cute 3D animals known as Arlees live. You can own them as NFTs powered by the Flow Blockchain. What makes Arlequin unique is that you can paint on the Arlees, directly in your browser. Arlees are also utility NFTs, because owning one allows you to vote. This way, they ensure safety in the voting system by preventing bots to mass voting.

Arlequin is also rewarding the voters. For every vote applied, users get Nimo back. Nimo is Arlequin's currency. It is used to buy different items in the game to customize your creations even more.

Arlequin's Roadmap

Private presale: March 2022

Buy packs containing Arlees and accessories before everyone else!

Genesis Drop: 24h/48h before the private presale.

The Arlees available during the Genesis Drop will never be accessible again!

Marketplace: April 2022

Buy and sell your Arlees and Accessories.

Painting Contests: June/July 2022

Show the world your talent by painting on the Arlees to win USDC and NFTs!

The Pool: July/August 2022

Buy Arlees from previous Painting Contests. 80% of the revenue are send to the Original Artist!

The Shop: Q4 2022

Buy Accessories, emojis, backgrounds...

Arlequin Game: 2023

Incarnate your Arlees and discover the official Artists Metaverse


Arlequin managed to get a new funding directly from Filecoin organization. $73k will be distributed to Arlequin company to help us build the future of our colorful Metaverse!


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