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Archera is a Bellevue-based information technology company developing cloud computing cost optimization systems.

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Archera, formerly known as, is a Bellevue-based information technology company developing cloud computing cost optimization systems.


Established in 2019 by two brothers named Aran Khanna, Nikhil Khanna, Archera (formerly which is also known as Archera,) is a company providing a cloud resource automation solution. Reserved.aiArchera is an information technology company specializing in the fields of cloud cost optimization, reserved instances, dev ops, and finance. The company's software automates purchasing, renewing and exchanging EC2 RIs and CRIs.

  • Tagging & Attribution -and Automatedattribution—Automated tagging provides visibility into a company's infrastructure and costs without cross team coordination and re-provisioning infrastructure.
  • Planning for Dynamic Usage -dynamic Purchasingusage—Purchasing recommendations are created using historical usage data, with future strategies and business projections in mind.
  • ML Optimized Purchase &optimized Renewalpurchase Planningand -renewal MLplanning—ML modeling is used to consider possible commitment combinations and find purchasing strategies from available options based on projected usage and risk appetite.
  • Automated Resource Management -resource Reserved.aimanagement—Archera automatically executes purchases, exchanges, and renewal plans to facilitate cloud strategy execution.
  • Cost-Anomaly Identification -Cost-anomaly Continuousidentification—Continuous monitoring of usage and costs allows for root cause and response to cost anomalies and optimization opportunities.
  • Commitment Buy-Back - Buy-backbuy-back—Buy-back of unused commitments to ensure companies are not locked into unused resources.


September 29, 2021 raises $7,000,000 in a Series A round from Amplify Partners and Ridge Ventures.
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