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Appollo (company)

Appollo (company)

Appollo is a London-based software company providing an API for building apps that can be launched on e-commerce marketplaces.

Who we are

TransportAPI is the leading managed services provider for UK transport data and power over 25% of transport operator apps by operator market share nationally!

We work with some of the UK's largest transport organizations such as First Group, Heathrow, National Express West Midlands, Transport For The North, Ford, Transport For West Midlands.

TransportAPI is the only single source supplier of public transport data in the UK.

Our products are organized as managed services in the cloud which handle transport data. They deal with the full lifecycle of the data, so you don't have to: creation, storage, maintenance, publishing, analysis, archival. Our software does all the heavy lifting while you simply plug into fresh transport data and get creative.

Our products include:

* TAPI Bus Fares: publish bus schedules information in the hands of your customers at the press of a button;

* TAPI Bus RTI: publish realtime bus information directly to your passengers;

* TAPI Bus Fares: help users factor price into their journey planning, with Britain's first, nationwide bus fares API;

* TAPI Journey Planner: multimodal journey planning for any use case;

* TAPI Places: help users find access points for public transport across Great Britain by using an API tailored for British transport.



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