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Andrew Jennings

Andrew Jennings

British journalist

Jennings was born in Scotland. As a child, he moved to London with his family. Graduated from the University of Hull. Since the late 1960s, he began working for The Sunday Times and other British publications. Later, Jennings was fascinated by investigative journalism. In 1986, the BBC refused to air his documentary on corruption at Scotland Yard. But he was accepted to World In Action, where Andrew has been working for a long time and fruitfully in the future.

His investigation film about the Iran-Contra scam in 1989 wins a medal at the New York Television Festival. In '93, he was one of the first Western journalists to arrive in Chechnya, where he made a series of reports about the Caucasian mafia. In 1998, he filmed an equally scandalous story about the privatization of the railways of Great Britain.


September 3, 1943
Andrew Jennings was born in Scotland.


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