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Alpha Coin

Alpha Coin

A Decentralized Community owned token spearheading development of an income-producing city within the Metaverse

This coin will be the next step for all digital currency in Alpha City. If you are an influencer you can rent out our Alphatheatre and gather audiences from the other side of the world in minutes! If you want to start advertising digitally, rent out one of our billboards across the city for a fraction of the real world costs with endless opportunities on reach. All coin holders have exclusive access to online shopping in our 100+ storefronts. The best part is that all the residual income produced in Alpha City will be re-injected into the Alpha coin ecosystem via buybacks & marketing!

Welcome to Alpha Coin, a decentralized platform consisting of the latest in Financial tools designed by some of the leading developers in the world and fueled by Alpha Coin, the first & native cryptocurrency of the Alpha ecosystem. Alpha is already developing a city within the Metaverse where multiple streams of income will be injected back into Alpha Coin via buybacks & marketing. The builders have been hired, the designs are ongoing and Alpha Coin is putting the world on notice.


December 1, 2021
Alpha Coin / Astro NFT's (@AlphaCoin22) | Twitter

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