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Almazov, Vasily Ivanovich

Almazov, Vasily Ivanovich

Doctor, public figure

The son of a peasant in the village of Kamenka in the Nikolaev district, a personal nobleman.

He received his secondary education at the Samara Gymnasium, and his higher education at the Medical Faculty of Kazan University.

After graduating from the university in 1881, as a scholarship holder of the Novouzensky zemstvo, he entered the service of a zemstvo doctor in the Novouzensky district. After serving for ten years, in 1891, after the "cholera riots" in the Saratov province, he joined the Ryazan-Ural Railway Society. In 1894-1904 he was an assistant to the head of the medical service of the named railway under its administration in Saratov. He rose to the rank of court counselor (1892). He was engaged in private practice in Saratov, owned a one-story house at 8 Bolshaya Kazachya Street.

In 1905 he was elected a member of the Saratov City Duma, after which he went to serve in the Saratov city administration as a member of the council, head of the sanitary unit and taking the place of the mayor. In 1910, remaining a public figure, he voluntarily left the service in the council and took up medical and sanitary activities. According to the memoirs of I. Ya. Slavin, Almazov was "an ardent leftist Cadet." In addition, he was the president of the Saratov Sanitary Society, the chairman of the committee of the Saratov sanitary society for the fight against tuberculosis and the head of the summer sanatorium of this society, as well as the deputy chairman of the Saratov branch of the St. Petersburg Medical Mutual Assistance Society.

In 1912 he was elected a member of the State Duma from the Saratov province. He was a member of the Cadets faction and the Progressive Bloc. He was a deputy chairman of the commission for the execution of the state list of income and expenses, chairman of the commission on public health (since the 4th session), and also a member of the commissions: administrative, financial, budgetary and city affairs.

After the February Revolution, he was appointed commissar of the Provisional Committee of the State Duma and the Provisional Government for the Office of the Supreme Head of the Sanitary and Evacuation Unit. In April 1917, he visited Saratov, where at a meeting of the public city executive committee he spoke in defense of the State Duma, calling it a "revolutionary parliament."

The fate after 1917 is unknown.


He was married to the daughter of a nobleman Yulia Ivanovna Shestakova. Their daughter:

Nadezhda (1884–?), married to surgeon A. N. Bakulev, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.


March 1857
Almazov, Vasily Ivanovich was born.


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