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Ajuvis Labs

Ajuvis Labs

A biotechnology company focused on conducting studies on the microbiome. It was founded in 2016 and is located in Miami, Florida.

Ajuvis Labs is a Miami-based company that researches and studies the microbiome in order to create, manufacture, and sell microbiological products that can impact humans' bodily systems. It has the stated goal of creating products that have long-term health benefits.


The company itself conducts research on the microbiome using a team of medical doctors and researchers. Ajuvis Labs' team focuses on the connections between combinations of nutrients and health. The team is studying amino acids, vitamins, minerals, polyphenals, anti oxidants, and pre and probiotic strains. Other research and development centers around specific microbiol organisms and their impact on the human health system, regulatory T-cells, and modulate inflammatory cytokines.

With the research conducted by the company, Ajuvis Labs has created a product called Exalta. It is a probiotic that comes in pill form and is intended to benefit those suffering from eczema.The company states that it adheres to current good manufacturing practices that are put into place by the Federal Drug Administration.



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May 24, 2017


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