Air Liquide Medical Systems

Air Liquide Medical Systems

Air Liquide Medical Systems provides industrial gases and services to hospitals, and medical, chemical, and electronics manufacturers.

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Air Liquide Medical Systems is a industralindustrial gas supplier heaquarteredheadquartered in Paris, France. The company is present in 80 countries with approximately 67,000 employees and serves more than 3.7 million customers and patients. The company supplies gas to hospitals as well as medical, chemical, and electronics manufacturers. The company also produces equipment for the devlierydelivery and utilization of industrial gases. It produces a number of medical devices including four ventialtorsventilators.


The company produces four ventilator models: the Monal 160, an emergency transportation CPR ventilator; the Orion intensive care ventilator, for pediatric, non-invasive usage; the Orion-G, an emergency intensive care ventilator; and the Osiris emergency ventilator with adujustableadjustable peep.

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