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Agnes Bruckner

Agnes Bruckner

American actress


She was born August 16, 1985 in Hollywood, California, USA.

Agnes Bruckner is the daughter of a native of Russia, the actress' mother is Hungarian by nationality.

She grew up in Les Filiz, California. Since childhood, Agnes Bruckner dreamed of dance, was engaged in ballet school. Since 1993, performs as a children's model.

On television since 1996, first in the pilot projects, then performs the role of girls in TV shows: Lisa in "Touch of an

Angel's Touch" and Connie in "Policemen on Bicycles". Remembered the performance of the role of Bridget Forrester in the series "The Bold and the Beautiful".

In the big movie actress since 1997, played the role of Lydia in the short film "The Girl.

Brookner continues to star in action-packed television series ("Law and Order", "Spy Girl" and others).

His skills as a talented dramatic actress has established through the performance of the role of Heather in the movie "Dark Forest" (2006, directed by Lucky McKee), Katia in the thriller, N. Lebedev "Exile" (2004),

in the melodrama "Blue Car" (2002, directed by K. Mankrieff).

In the fantasy thriller with melodramatic elements, directed by Katja von Granier, Agnes Bruckner played Vivian (2007).

The actress has appeared in dramas, thrillers, horror films and melodramas. Alex Bruckner plays in films by American and European directors.


August 16, 1985
Agnes Bruckner was born in Hollywood.


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