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Company building heavy-lift drones

Aerones is a heavy-lift drone technology with the main functionalities of wind turbine maintenance services and high altitude building cleaning. The drone has a maximum capacity of 200kg and all resources (electricity, water etc.) are provided from the ground, therefore the drone is capable to operate in the air for unlimited amount of time. Furthermore, the drone is made of anti-corrosive space-grade materials for maximum weight saving not compromising frame strength, so it has a maximum operational speed of 74 mph and it can fly in sustained winds of up to 46 mph. Aerones has multiple safety mechanisms, reducing the probability of a human or construction damage.

For wind turbine maintenance operations, the drone is used for: cleaning; de-icing; and coating application services, therefore allowing to have a much more efficient, safer, faster and cheaper solution than any other solution available in the market. As a result, Aerones provide a possibility for lower cost wind energy, thus reducing prices for the renewable energy.

In regard to high altitude building cleaning services, Aerones is the first solution which could replace direct human labor in this industry. The technology allow to perform the cleaning services much faster and using less resources, therefore also much cheaper.

Additionally, the drone can be adjusted for various other high altitude operations and is able to perform: Industrial cleaning (oil platforms, grain storages etc.); Firefighting; Human rescue; Delivery; Sports activities.


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