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Adroit Esports

Adroit Esports

Adroit Esports (formerly known as Team Adroit) is a professional Dota 2 team from the Philippines.

Team Sibol was formed when esports were announced as a medal event for the first time in SEA Games history. Team Sibol was the Philippines' representative for all esports events including Starcraft II, Heartstone, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Arena of Valor, Tekken 7 and Dota 2. Notable Dota 2 players, such as Armel, Gabbi, Tims, Kuku, Eyyou, Raven, ninjaboogie, Bimbo, Abed and DJ, were directly invited to the Sibol bootcamp but were unable to commit because of the preparation for the new DPC Season.

The players from Team Adroit were invited to the Open Qualifiers and were able to secure a slot in the Sibol National Esports Team Training Pool. Because of the team great performances in the Bootcamp, Team Adroit was selected to represent Team Sibol and the Philippines for the Dota 2 SEA Games event, together with 2 Subs, Van and Erice from Cignal Ultra.

The SEA Games Dota 2 Event started on December 7, 2019 and the team started its journey in Group B. Team Sibol was composed of players from Team Adroit, and dominated their group with a 5-1 final standing, dropping only 1 game to Myanmar. Group A, on the other hand, had a tie-breaker during which Team Vietnam won over Team Thailand for a slot in the Upper Bracket Finals to face Team Sibol.

The Upper Bracket Finals was also dominated by Team Sibol. They sent Team Vietman to the Lower Bracket with a 2-0 win and secured a place in the Gold Medal Match for themselves. On the other hand, Team Thailand, led by their star players, Jabz and 23savage from Fnatic, started their run in the Lower Bracket and were also able to advance to the Gold Medal Match by beating Team Laos 2-0 and Team Vietnam 2-1.

The Gold Medal Match was an intense see-saw game between the two teams. Team Sibol took first-blood and won Game 1, while Team Thailand tied up the series in a dominant fashion in Game 2. Team Sibol snatched Game 3 while Team Thailand were able to come back and secure a Game 4 win. Game 5 looked to be in favor of Team Thailand during the early stage, but Team Sibol made a comeback win with 2 crucial followed by a Black Hole from Boomy and Natusmi-'s Phantom Lancer dominance at the end of the game.

With the win, Team Sibol made history as the First-Ever Gold Medalist in a Dota 2 Event in the SEA Games.

Late 2020 and the end of Adroit

During late 2020, Team Adroit was one of the SEA team struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic. After numerous sacrifices from the organization and the players, the team was forced to shut down its operations and release all of its members, including its staff. On November 14th of 2020, Team Adroit finally announced the end of the organization.



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