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Addable Co., Ltd.

Addable Co., Ltd.

Addable Co., Ltd. is a technology company with a focus on developing and producing respiratory-related medical devices.

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Addable Co., Ltd. is a South Korea-based technology company that has developed a medical device for the rehabilitation industry. The company was founded in 2018 and has patented several of its technologies. It has received several awards, such as the Most Promising Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SMEs) in Chungnam, and the CEO of the company, Sung-Tae Hong, has appeared on the popular Korean TV show "Money TodayMoney Today" to discuss Addable's product.


The company's product is called Smart Smart Breathe-Air and it is aBreathe-Air—a handheld portable rehabilitation device for lung capacity training. The company states that with 15fifteen minutes of use every day, the user can train and strengthen respiratory muscles,. whichThe device can aid in recovery after respiratory-related surgery as well asand improve voice control capacity.


Smart Breathe-Air has a replaceable mouthpiece whichand iscan attachedbe torecharged using thea deviceC-cable. Users blow into it in order to increase respiratory strength. There, isand a fan inside the device that dictates the difficulty of blowing. and usersUsers can choose from 15 differentfifteen levels of difficulty. The device has aan oxygen sensor that can monitor the user's oxygen levels by placingthrough theira thumb on the sensor. It can be recharged using a C-cable.

Game Integrationintegration

Users can also play games that are connected to Smart Breathe-Air. The games are available via a mobile application, and users can choose which game depending on their needs. Some games are designed to build endurance, sowith the characters in the game arebeing controlled by how hard and fast the user is breathing into the Smart Breathe-Air device. Another game is designed for more sensitive rehabilitation patients, such as those who have just received surgery and elderly people.

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