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Acmetek Global Solutions Inc

Acmetek Global Solutions Inc

Acmetek is a Global Distributor and a Trusted Advisor of PKI /IOT & SSL Security Products and a Managed Services Company.

Looking after your security for over a decade.

Acmetek started its journey into Website Security Solutions mainly focusing on SSL in 2010 as a result of a simple observation: SSL has evolved over the years, but Technology, Distributors, and Businesses have not adapted yet. This mismatch led the founders of Acmetek to create the vision for the SSL experience and to develop Channel Enablement Model to support it.

Witr l enablement model, businesses can implement SSL with ease. Iintegrated set of tools and enablement support helps partners to offer SSL and implement for their clients across the globe. Our sole mission is to ma

Acmetek, Platinum Elite Partner with a

leading Global Digital Certificate provider


DigiCert Announces Enhancements to its Certified Partner Program to

Accelerate SSL, PKI, and IoT Opportunities every year. Acmetek has been recognized as Platinum Elite Partners and certified to offer products within the Managed PKI program. Acmetek, being a Platinum Elite partner of DigiCert, offers our customers high assurance certificate options and award-winning customer support. We are proud of being one of DigiCert’s most invested partners and have achieved the highest level of performance through exceptional customer service and support.

Protecting what matters most to you.

Acmetek is a Trusted Advisor of PKI /IOT & SSL Security Products and Managed Services Company. We are the

Acmetek offers exceptional cybersecurity services for any organization to control its security with great flexibility and more comprehensive services that can be ever provided by SSL and PKI market. You can avail of our security services like SSL/TLS Certificates, PKI/IoT Security, and Code Signing Certificates from the best brands at affordable prices. We also offer EDI services to Enterprises dealing with large companies.

A Managed Services Partner for leading multi-brand IT solution providers, CDW.

Acmetek is a Leading managed services partner for leading VARS like CDW, one of the best multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to business, government, education and healthcare.

As a dedicated Managed Services Partner/ Distributor, we fully support PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Solutions from the most Trusted CA’s (Certificate Authorities). With our powerful enablement model, businesses can implement SSL with ease and remove complexities affiliated with PKI. Furthermore, with our integrated set of tools and enablement support, partners can experience a hassle-free sales process and implement it for their clients worldwide.

For the difference that Acmetek is making, the company won several awards & recognitions over 5 years in a row..

2021 - DigiCert "Partner Of The Year" Award.

2018 - 2021 - DigiCert Strategic Platinum Elite Partner award.

2013, 2018 - Symantec Trust Services Collaborative Partner of the Year Award.

2015 - 2018 - Acmetek ranks #40 in security on Inc. 5000.

2011 - 2018 - Partner Advisory Council (PAC) Member for 5+ Years (Americas and APAC).

2011 - 2021 - Symantec Americas & APAC Partner Roundtable Attendee for 7 Years.

2011 - Current - Acmetek Holds all CA and Symantec Accreditations & Certifications.

2018 - DigiCert’s only US Elite strategic PKI Partner.



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