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Acilia is an official hamlet of the municipality of Rome.

Acilia is an official hamlet of the municipality of Rome. It is located in the southwestern area of ​​the municipality, outside the Grande Raccordo Anulare. It falls entirely within the territory administered by the X municipality of Rome.

It rises at km 18-19 of the via del Mare between Eur and Ostia, divided into Acilia Nord , extended between the Tiber river and via Ostiense and Acilia Sud , from this road up to via Cristoforo Colombo, outside the Grande Raccordo Anulare, bordering Casal Palocco.

The urban realities of Dragona, Dragoncello, Villaggio San Francesco, Monti di San Paolo, Case Basse, Centro Giano, Villaggio San Giorgio, Acilia Nuova and Casal Bernocchi are part of Acilia.

The territory of Acilia was already inhabited in prehistoric times The first urban nucleus of which we have news is that of the Latin Ficana ,

located on the left bank of the Tiber river, on the small hills of Monte Cugno, near the locality of Monti di San Paolo, now reduced on a hill, but once more steep and strategically placed to dominate the river. As Rome expands, the city of Ficana loses its strategic importance and, between the third and fourth centuries BC, it certainly begins to be abandoned as an urban settlement. On the same territory and around, however, several rustic villas are born


February 5, 2022
Acilia - Roma Marittima

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