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Abhiyantriki, a Sanskrit word for engineering, is the annual technical festival of the K.J. Somaiya College of Engineering. It is traditionally held in September end or early October.

Abhiyantriki organises workshops, exhibitions, competitions, and lectures. It hosts Start-Up Expo, Internship Expo, Tech Expo, Auto Expo, and a Keynote Speaker's address. The two-day festival attracts innovators and people in the field of science and technology.

History and Growth

The technical and cultural Fest at KJSCE were organized together as the ‘Youth Festival’ from 1985–1997. In 1998, a separate technical fest under the banner Abhiyantriki was introduced with an aim to propagate scientific knowledge and technological innovation.


Workshops on IOT (internet of things) and robotics were held as a pre-event to Abhiyantriki 2016. IOT workshop dealt with interfacing electronic components with cloud based services and controlling these components using smartphones. Workshops on gesture controlled robotics and virtual reality were held in Abhiyantriki 2017.


Competitions like CodeSpree, Code Wars, and SCMU KJSCE Open were held in Abhiyantriki 2016. CodeSpree was a national level coding competition. The SCMU KJSCE Open was a Rubik's Cube solving competition which comprised 12 novel competitions, a world record. Code Wars was a coding competition open to the students of all branches, specially designed to level the tables between all branches.

Panel Sessions

In Abhiyantriki 2016, Angad Nadkarni(CTO at Hullo Inc.), Ajay Chaturvedi (Founder of HarVa), Kaustubh Shivdikar (TEDx speaker and innovator) were present on the panel of speakers. Mr. Hetal Kotak, CEO of Lee Cooper and Mrs. Saloni Suri, PR Consultant of Rolex Institute and Asia Society were the keynote speakers. In 2017, panel session on Cashless Society was held and speakers like Mr. Vishal Gupta, Mr. Murad Nathani, and Mr. Sameer Singh Jaini took part in it.

Start-Up Expo

Start-Up Expo was first held during Abhiyantriki 14’ with many Start-up companies participating in it. This event brought start-ups and angel investors together in the same room where the startup companies would present their ideas and vie with each other for investment in their respective start-up.

Auto Expo

Auto Expo has been a star attraction of Abhiyantriki since its starting years. It has collaborated with major companies like Jaguar, Audi, Fiat, Mercedes Benz. In 2013, this event presented high-end cars with participation from many colleges. This event helped students to gain perspective about different cars, their specifications, and new technologies. In 2014, racing cars from IIT-B(IIT Bombay Racing), KJSCE(Orion Racing India,Red-Shift Racing), Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering and G.V. Acharya Institute of Engineering and Information Technology were on display during the exhibition.

Internship Expo

This event was initiated in Abhiyantriki 15’ with an aim to provide desiring and deserving candidates with internships. This event provided opportunities for candidates in various fields ranging from marketing to engineering. This event helped candidates get internships and further help their career.

Tech Expo

In 2016, an ISRO Exhibition was organised with senior scientists and engineers interacting with the incoming visitors from schools and colleges across the city.Abhiyantriki 2017 saw the participation of the DAE, DRDO, and MET in the Tech Expo, the most ever by government organizations in any technical festival.


Parvaah is a social initiative of K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering started in 2015 with the aim of creating awareness and bringing about a change. Parvaah 2015 took up the cause of Women Safety and associated with the Mumbai Police, the Mumbai Taxi-men Union, Zicom among others to distribute safety kits for Women Safety and to create awareness. By associating Women’s Safety along with Symphony, it created awareness among the 5000+ students that attended Symphony, and thousands others in various colleges.

In 2015, on-ground events like basketball matches and quiz matches for orphaned children during Symphony and Skream(Sports Festival of KJSCE) took place. Ranbir Kapoor, Sushant Singh Rajput, Rahul Ram, Devendra Fadanvis, Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover, Paresh Ganatra, members of Sparsh, Coshish, Sapan Verma and The Local Train all actively supported the Parvaah initiative by signing the Parvaah pledge. Parvaah has been working for the cause of LGBT Rights for the year 2016 - 2017.

Sponsors and Past Associates

The title sponsor of the year 2015 was Union Bank of India which was powered by Mumbai Mirror. Abhiyantriki 2016 was presented by Prodigy Finance, co-sponsored by Canara Bank, powered by Tata Realty and Infrastructure, in association with Telex Advertising Private Limited. Abhiyantriki 2017 was presented by UPL, in association with Bank of Baroda, and powered by Odin.

Organizing and Technical Committees

The Students’ Council of the college backs Abhiyantriki entirely with the help of different technical committees and student clubs in the college namely CSI, CodeCell, ISHRAE, SAE, MESA, IETE, Emfinity, Mindbenders, Alumni Cell, Bloombox, SAHAS, IEEE, ISTE, EESA. The Core team is of 28 members headed by the General Secretary of the Students’ Council. Rest are allocated different sectors of fest to overlook. Each one of them syncs with each other in various fields like Marketing, Public Relations, Logistics, Hospitality, Creatives and every other aspect of the Festival. The Students’ Council is accompanied by the Organizing Committee and Volunteers to coordinate and execute the fest smoothly. Technical Committees have their own importance in the fest managing the various technical events to keep the fest up to its mark.




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