Abbott Laboratories

Abbott Laboratories

American global pharmaceuticals and health care products company.

Abbott Laboratories, was founded in 1888 by Dr Wallace C. Abbott and incorporated on March 6, 1900. Four areas in which Abbott operates are pharmaceutical products, diagnostic products, nutritional products and vascular products. Through St. Jude Medical, Inc., Abbott offers products such as rhythm management products, electrophysiology products, heart failure related products, vascular products, structural heart products and neuromodulation products. Abbvie spun off from Abbott Laboratories in 2013 as a research-based biopharmaceutical company.

Abbot products include blood glucose and flash glucose monitoring systems, test strips, sensors, data management decision software, and accessories for people with diabetes, under the FreeStyle brand, and medical devices for the eye, including cataract surgery, laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK) surgery, contact lens care products and dry eye products.

Established pharmaceutical products supplied by Abbott include branded generic pharmaceuticals manufactured around the world which are marketed and sold outside the United States. Therapeutic products in this category include gastroenterology products, women's health products, cardiovascular and metabolic products, pain and central nervous system products, and respiratory drugs and vaccines.

Cardiovascular and metabolic products include Lipanthyl and TriCor, for the treatment of dyslipidemia; Teveten and Teveten Plus, for the treatment of essential hypertension; Physiotens, for the treatment of hypertension, and Synthroid, for the treatment of hypothyroidism. 

Pain and central nervous system products include Serc, for the treatment of Meniere's disease and vestibular vertigo; Brufen, for the treatment of pain, fever and inflammation, and Sevedol, for the treatment of severe migraines. Respiratory drugs and vaccines include the anti-infective clarithromycin, sold under the brands Biaxin, Klacid, and Klaricid, and Influvac, which is an influenza vaccine.

Nutritional Products include a range of pediatric and adult nutritional products including various forms of prepared infant formula and follow-on formula, including Similac, Similac Pro-Advance, Similac Advance, Similac Pro-Sensitive, Similac Sensitive, Go&Grow by Similac, Similac NeoSure, Similac Organic, Similac Special Care, Similac Total Comfort, Similac For Supplementation, Isomil Advance, Similac Qinti and Eleva; adult and other pediatric nutritional products, including Ensure, Ensure Plus, Ensure Enlive, Ensure Complete, Ensure High Protein, Glucerna, Glucerna Hunger Smart, ProSure, PediaSure, PediaSure Sidekicks, PediaSure Peptide, EleCare, Juven, Abound and Pedialyte; nutritional products, which are used in enteral feeding in healthcare institutions, including Jevity, Osmolite, Oxepa, Freego (Enteral Pump) and Freego sets, Nepro, and Vital, and Zone Perfect bars and the EAS family of nutritional brands, including Myoplex and AdvantEdge.

Vascular Products include a range of coronary, endovascular, vessel closure and structural heart devices for the treatment of vascular disease that are manufactured, marketed and sold around the world. In the United States, these products are marketed and sold to hospitals. Vascular Products include the XIENCE family of drug-eluting coronary stent systems developed on the Multi-Link Vision platform; StarClose SE and ProGlide vessel closure devices; TREK coronary balloon dilatation products; Hi-Torque Balance Middleweight Universal and ASAHI coronary guidewires; MitraClip, a percutaneous mitral valve repair system; Supera Peripheral Stent System, a peripheral vascular stent system, and Acculink/Accunet, and Xact/Emboshield NAV and carotid stent systems.




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