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ASTON company

ASTON company

ASTON is the largest exporter of vegetable oils, the leading processor of oilseeds, the second largest exporter of Russian grain.

For more than 20 years ASTON has been one of the largest companies in Russia for the production of food and food ingredients. ASTON is the largest exporter of vegetable oils, the leading processor of oilseeds, the second largest exporter of Russian grain. The company includes more than 20 divisions in various regions of the Russian Federation, including plants for the production and processing of vegetable oil, enterprises for the production of starches and syrups, elevator complexes, terminals on the river Don, ship repair plant, dry cargo ships of the "river-sea" class, tankers for the transportation of vegetable oils, bulk carriers for the transshipment of grain crops.

The company’s key areas of activity:

  • production of foodstuffs and food ingredients
  • international trade
  • logistics
  • shipbuilding and shiprepairing
  • agricultural production

ASTON – is one of the Russian largest producers of foodstuffs (trade marks Zateya, Volshebny kray, Svetlitsa, ASTON), food ingredients and components for feeding stuff.

The ASTON group includes factories for production and processing vegetable oil in Millerovo and Morozovsk (Rostov region), also factories for starch and syrup production in Ryazanskaya and Vladimirskaya regions, elevators in Rostov and Krasnodar regions, port terminals on the river Don, shipbuilding yard, the company has its own dry-cargo vessel for river-sea navigation oil tankers and bulkers for grain transportation.

ASTON has earned an impeccable reputation as a producer of high-quality foods. The company has gained the trust of consumers and business partners. ASTON supplies its products to all Russian regions, as well as to CIS countries, the Baltic States and other foreign countries.


To remain the best Russian producer of food products and food ingredients, to stay a reliable partner for sustainable development and growth of foodstuffs supplies.


  • Quality – achieving and maintaining high quality of our products and services on all stages of our work
  • Openness and honesty – we do our business according to ethical standards and we are ready to provide valid and authentic information
  • Efficiency – is the determination to reach positive final result and the ability to achieve it regularly and enthusiastically, emphasizing the need to do anything possible and impossible for that
  • Responsibility and initiativity – we are ready to assume obligations and put our promises into practice, to be responsible for our actions, we apply our abilities and opportunities as high as possible in order to carry out objectives
  • Team work – is the acceptance of shared values, involvement in the common cause, support other team members and aspirations toward unity
  • Loyalty – we are loyal to the company, ready to work for its sake, protect its interests and support its reputation for the growth of foodstuffs supplies

Shipbuilding and ship repair

Moryak OJSC, part of ASTON group, is equipped with modern equipment and technologies for ship repair and modernization. The plant serves vessels up to 150 meters long and weighing up to 5000 tons. The construction of a floating dock for emergency and scheduled repair of the underwater part of ships in 2002 allowed the company to occupy a favorable niche in the ship repair market. In dock of Moryak OJSC were dock and navigation repairs hundreds of Russian vessels: bulk carriers, tankers, tugboats, icebreakers, barges, bunkering vessels, vessels of type "river-sea" tankers. The portfolio of orders of the plant – the construction of the ships "Don" and "Rostov", marine offshore boats and macotakara.

In 2012 Moryak OJSC took the 3rd place in the all-Russian business rating according to the classifier of economic activity "Provision of services for repair, maintenance of ships and ship's re-equipment".

In 2013 Moryak OJSC was among the most economically successful enterprises in Russia according to the Russian business rating and received the status of "Industry Leader".


ASTON company was founded.



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