ARICA (company)

ARICA (company)

Arica IoT is a company developing modeling environment and edge-to-cloud framework designed to deliver intelligent autonomy in computing.

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ARICA (company)

Arica IOT is a modeling environment and edge-to-cloud framework designed to deliver intelligent autonomy in computing.


Arica IoT provides design, development, and runtime platform solutions for edge-centric IoT applications. Arica provides infrastructure and solutions for applications that sense, decide, learn and act at the edge. These are applications which have a low tolerance for latency, where data transfer represents a security risk and where autonomy is essential. This helps businesses to bring sophisticated IoT applications to the market.

Arica's modeling environment and Application Lifecycle Management system enables teams to design, model and test IoT applications before they are built. This helps reduce costs, speeds up development schedules, improves efficiency and performance predictability.

Framework and edge computing technologies enable devices to act on their own data on the Edge. Modeling environment increases the efficiency level of development architecture.

Arica IoT uses 6 technology products and services including nginx, Plesk, and Stripe and is actively using 15 technologies for its website. These include Viewport Meta, iPhone / Mobile Compatible, and Content Delivery Network.

They advertise Intelligent Autonomy as the logical next generation of computing.


Founded on the 1st of March 2017, by Barry Perkins, Dana Florescu, David Shantz, and Thomas Atwood, the privately held company is based in San Francisco, California, US.


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Barry N. Perkins

Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO

Daniela Florescu


David Shantz


Thomas Atwood


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The next generation of computing will not rely on the cloud

Arica IOT


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