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ANA Therapeutics

ANA Therapeutics

ANA Therapeutics is a Foster City, California-based developer of a novel corona vaccine.

ANA Therapeutics is a privately held biotechnology company that is developing ANA-001, a proprietary capsule formulation of niclosamide for coronavirus indications, which is currently in Phase 2/3 clinical trials as a treatment for COVID-19.

ANA refocused its business with the coming of COVID-19 to use expertise in niclosamide and drug formulation. It worked to bring niclosamide into clinical trials and expected to accelerate development via partnerships to offer the product as an important new therapeutic option for COVID-19 patients.

ANA Therapeutics develops a proprietary capsule formulation of niclosamide for coronavirus indications that is used as a treatment for coronavirus, which allows physicians to treat patients who are suffering from COVID-19.

NeuroBo Pharmaceuticals has Acquired ANA Therapeutics.


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