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Anatoly Sulyanov

Founder and host of Hardcore Fighting

Date of Birth: July 23, 1984

Age: 37


Anatoly Sulyanov is a businessman, athlete, and founder of Hardcore Fighting.

Anatoly was born in Moscow in 1984. He graduated from the 8th grade of grammar school and entered the Moscow Suvorov School, and on weekends he handed out flyers in Moscow nightclubs. During his studies at the University of the Russian Ministry of Defense, he moonlighted as a bartender. After graduating, Sulyanov was invited to join the team of the famous promoter Alexei Gorobii, whose projects included the nightclubs that were popular at the time. As Anatoly himself says, during this work he acquired various connections, which allowed him to start his own business.


In 2006, Sulyanov with his partner Alexander Volkov opened the security company "Third Rome". A few years later, Anatoly became the owner of two concert venues Arbat Hall and Cition Hall. Since 2017, he owns the Ultimate Fitness club.


in 2021 the cryptocurrency and fantoken hardcoin was announced.

If you have hardcoin you can :

Buy Tickets for Fights

Getting into HARDCORE competitions as a spectator used to be almost impossible. Now you can get to the shooting by buying an NFT ticket.

Get Collectible NFTs

Buy, sell and trade cards of fighters, the best knockouts and sweeps from the conferences. Get special collector bonuses!

Access to Unique Content

Only with HARDcoin can you see content that is not available to the general public. Get the most out of your privileges!

Matchmaking and Rules

Vote for the fighters you want to see in the octagon and influence the rules of the fights.

Matchmaking meetings with fighters

Buy unique NFTs that allow you to spar, train or just have a friendly face-off with your favorite Hardcore fighters.

Unique merchandise

Buy quality and unique merchandise and other Hardcore merchandise that you can't buy any other way.


July 23, 1984
ANATOLY SULYANOV was born in Moscow.

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Толя Сульянов: 1 год Hardcore Fighting, будущее Hardcore MMA, Америка

July 13, 2021

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