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The first complete draft of the Princeton Bitcoin textbook is now freely available. We're very happy with how the book turned out: it's comprehensive, at over 300 pages, but has a conversational style that keeps it readable. If you're looking to truly understand how Bitcoin works at a technical level and have a basic familiarity with computer sc...


Each cryptocurrency has its own digital algorithm. However, of the coins the number exceeds the number of cryptocurrency algorithms. That's why Some cryptocurrencies use the same information in the hash algorithm.What are cryptocurrency algorithms? Cryptocurrency algorithm - this cryptocurrency encryption is a cryptographic mechanism set of rules Definition is one of the most important solves cryptocurrency algorithm New in blockchain after finding the right hash

block is created, here are the transactions, the hash of the first block, the amount received by the miner, and so on.the data is stored.

SHA-256 algorithm

The SHA-256 algorithm is used in some technologies other than cryptocurrency.

For example, the TLS, SSL, PGP, SSH compression coexistence protocol SHA-256 algorithm. Extending SHA - Secure Hash Algorithm 256 cryptocurrency algorithm for bitcoin hashing

indicates. For cryptocurrencies based on SHA-256, hashing speed per second Gigahash is the same as GH / s. It takes 6-10 minutes to build the Amy Blockleave. Bitcoin Cash, Emercoin, Namecoin, Peercoin, BitcoinDark accountant.

Ethash (Dagger Hashimoto) algorithm

Ethash is a cryptocurrency developed for Ethereum mining

algorithm. This hash algorithm is based on two other algorithms: Dagger (Vitaly Buterin)

Jan Hashimoto (Taddeus Drya). Dagger is a large video card that requires a large amount of memory cryptocurrency algorithm .

Scrypt - algorithm

Scrypt is a combination of "hardware attacks" and "miners" recognized single cryptocurrency algorithm. This is the history of the algorithm, Bitcoin Antenna SHA-256 Monopoly

The algorithm's function is to automate the mining process gives the chance. Therefore, the main purpose of Scrypt is to create a compute operation. Blocking links to growing resources for resources used for is considered to be a complication of the construction mechanism. In short, operative estin The size of the (Ethash compressor) is significantly higher, and the energy conversion to the energy required is lower than that of the SHA256.

X11 mining algorithm

The creator of this encryption algorithm has become one of the strongest cryptocurrencies.

(Dash, Darkcoin on the Moon) - Evan Dufffield. Its main purpose is to counter bitcoin bolgon. However, his idea was not accepted by the public. That's why it's private Cryptocurrency has nothing to do with mining.


The mining algorithm for this mining is CryptoNight based on Monero (XMR).determined by cryptocurrency. Cryptonight allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies. To these properties

Extending the use of the CryptoNote protocol In 2012, Nicholas van Saberhagen was dubbed the creator of the blockchain. created by the development team.


Luxembourg is part of the CryptoLUX cryptocurrency group of this cryptocurrency algorithm.

Alexander Biryukov and Dmitry Khovratovich joined the university. In 2016, a wide range of algorithm development tools was introduced.


Cryptocurrency regulation, large-scale mining from large ASIC farms It is considered to be a monopolization of production. Therefore, modern mining algorithms ASICs are trying to limit the use of new coins in the production of new coins. This is not the case with SHA-256 to meet the requirements.


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