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ANA-MED is a Poland based medical device manufacturer and supplier.

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ANA-MED is a Biala, Poland based manufacturer and supplier of medical devices and supplies. They are responsible for the development, design, production and sale of their medical equipment. These products include electric and manual hospital beds, telemedicine and patient monitoring solutions, vital signs monitors, respiration monitors, SpO2 monitors, NIBP monitors, Temperature monitors, central monitoring systems, sleep apnea screen meters, electrocardiographs, ultrasound imaging and diagnostic systems, fetal doppler systems, fetal monitoring, pulse oximeters, In-Vitro diagnostics, urine analyzers, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, spirometers, infusion pumps, multi-functional visual stethoscopes, oxygen concentrator, electronic colposcope, multiparametr simulators, predictive thermometers and solutions for veterinary medicine.

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