3Scan is a computational pathology company developing and providing software and microscopy services for 3-dimensional tissue sample analysis. It combines machine learning, robotics and computer vision to automate histopathology workflow for clinical and research applications.

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3Scan has investement from Lux Capital.

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    3Scan's platform provides quantitative image analysis of diseases like cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Huntington's disease. 3Scan is a San Francisco based company founded in 2011 by Todd Huffman, Megan Klimen, Matthew Goodman and Cody Daniel.

    3Scan provides embedding, sectioning, image aquisition, processing and image analysis of tissue samples. 3Scan claims to bring precision and repeatability to pathology.


    3Scan uses Knife-Edge Scanning Microscopy (KESM) which uses a diamond knife and nano-positioned motions, their proprietary robotic imaging platform and proprietary optics to produce digital 3D tissue models at micron-scale resolution. KESM is claimed to have 400 times the throughput of traditional microscopy.

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