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The 1%Club is a non-profit organization which uses an online platform to connect people with ideas in developing countries with people, money and knowledge around the world. The basic idea is that people or organizations can offer 1% of their time, knowledge and income directly to a development project of their own choice. These projects need to be sustainable projects that stimulate the self-reliance of individuals anywhere in the world and improve their standard of living.


1%Club was established in 2008. The Dutch website was launched on April 1, 2008. The international website was launched on March 12, 2010. Anna Chojnacka developed the vision that money intended for development could be better spent, especially because internet was developing into a big cooperation system where people who never even met each other were able to create things together, for example Wikipedia! That is why she wondered what could happen if such a system would be used for developmental issues. Bart Lacroix also came up with the idea that people nowadays want to have a personal influence on development cooperation and that they want to see what happens with their money. The Manifesto International Cooperation 2.0 was written.


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