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"The World" Tarot Card

"The World" Tarot Card

The Meaning of"The World" Tarot Card

How to Interpret The World Card

As the final card in the Major Arcana, The World is one of the most important and most profound.

The simplest and most basic interpretation of the World is that it symbolizes fulfillment.

The simplest and most basic interpretation of The World is that it symbolizes fulfillment. This can be any type of fulfillment: personal, spiritual, professional, physical, intellectual and emotional.

The sense of fulfillment represented by The World might come from a marriage, or the birth of a child. It might come from earning a degree, or being promoted to a high position. It also might come from something less tangible: Like the satisfaction that comes when someone realizes he or she is content and has stopped wanting.

On a more literal level, The World references an ultimate englightenment or what Hinduism would call Nirvana.

In other words: The World speaks to a state of complete spiritual fullness and completion, more than it does a single specific type of fulfillment.

Needless to say, attaining complete spiritual Nirvana isn't something that happens every day — or even every time The World appears in a tarot reading, which is why the card usually applies to a simpler type of fulfillment in the average reading.

The card may also point to someone being close to completion. Perhaps a task or a project is almost complete. Perhaps a degree has almost been attained. Perhaps a long sought-after goal is close to being attained.

If the card references a past event, it may point to a time when a grander cycle of completion was attained, and when the cycle began anew.

Generally speaking, The World is an extremely positive card. While its true meaning points to the pinnacle of spiritual achievement and advancement, it's usually read as a great achievement — and more importantly, the sense of wholeness and completion that comes with a final achievement.



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