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Pembient uses advances in biotechnology to fabricate horn and other wildlife products to combat the threat to endangered species.

Clara Foods is a biotechnology company founded by two New Harvest community members David Anchel and Arturo Elizondo in 2014. The company is based out of San Francisco, California and manufactures animal- free proteins using using yeast bio-fermentation techniques fore use in food products.

aBioBot is a company developing and building robots for molecular biology laboratories. It offers an open source liquid handling robot platform integrated with machine learning and computer vision.

Arcturus BioCloud is a company developing a platform that provides genetic engineering and prototyping solutions for scientists to code, create and share genetic circuits.

ZymoChem is a biotechnology company developing microbes and bioprocesses for brewing. Harshal Chokhawala and Jon Kuchenreuther founded ZymoChem in 2013 and is based in Berkeley and Emeryville, California.

Also known as 9DB, 9th Dimension Biotech is a company offering an age-reversing product line containing OSMOTIN®.

Blue Turtle Bio is a biotechnology company developing probiotic therapies founded in 2014 by Nilesh Joshi.

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