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Research Requests

Lodge rapid research requests to generate canonical information on any topic area.

Research canonical information at any level of abstraction

Topic and entity level: Request research on a single topic, all of its structured data, or a single field.

Query level: Submit a Research Request for more results to your query, entire columns of data, or a single cell.

Cluster level: Request the creation of a Cluster (a deep dive into an industry or market) or request for richer information on an existing Cluster.
Get information on things you need to know about in a timely fashion.

Rapid Research Request Wizard

Super fast workflow: Request research from one single view in a simple, efficient way.

Repeatable: File multiple Research Requests in one go without leaving the Wizard.

Rapid research

Quick turnaround: Receive an ETA for each of your Research Requests with status updates in your dashboard.

Notifications: Get promptly notified when the research is done and jump straight into your results.

Closed loop feedback: Provide feedback on the research, easily request more further research, and converge exactly on the data you need.
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