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Mike Einziger

American musician best known as the co-songwriter and guitarist of the rock band Incubus.

American guitarist, born in Maryland

American musician

American rapper, singer, and songwriter

American rapper, singer, record producer, composer, and fashion designer.

American singer-songwriter, pianist, and actress

British musician, actor, record producer and arranger

American singer, actress, songwriter, co-producer, business woman, and philanthropist.

American rapper and actor

American singer, songwriter, and actress

American rapper

American rapper, entrepreneur, actor, record producer

American rapper, record producer, actor and entrepreneur

American rapper, actor, producer, and basketball player

American musician

American musician

Sammy Hagar is an American guitarist, musician and singer-songwriter, founder of Cabo Wabo, and was born in California

English businesswoman, fashion designer and singer

American singer-songwriter

Queen Latifah is an American pianist, model & record producer, born in New Jersey.

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