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List of sports companies

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Daimani is a hospitality company providing a marketplace to connect providers of VIP Hospitality packages with corporate or individual customers.

A startup providing data- and algorithm-based statistical football predictions and up-to-date sports information.

Pillar is a company developing an open source cryptocurrency wallet that provides a way to store, use, and track cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency tokens.

Venture capital & accelerator arm of R/GA advertising and design agency

Next Play Capital is a fund-of-fund, tech-based, and sports industry startup venture capital firm.

Whoop is a performance optimization system for elite athletes and teams.

Liftopia is a company founded by Ron Schneidermann.

Faction Collective is a company founded by Alex Hoye.

SAUCER is an American company and clothing brand, which designs and manufactures athletic and casual apparel, equipment, and accessories, along with performance activewear through its subsidiary brand ALIEN SPEED.

A digital health company with an artificial intelligence coach designed for female athletes. It is located in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2017.

Mobile sports training company launched in 2014 based in Los Angeles, USA.

CoachUp is a Boston-based company founded by Arian Radmand.

DRAFT is a company founded by Jeremy Levine.

Sports betting, political prediction markets and fintech markets exchange.

SportsRecruits is a company founded by Chris Meade.

An online media platform for football fans.

A company based in New York City providing a platform for guiding cyclist through safe and enjoyable bike routes.

Krossover is a company founded by Vasu Kulkarni.

Banjo is a Redwood City, California-based company founded by Damien Patton.

PlayVS is a Los Angeles-based company.

Timpik is a company founded by Camilo Lopez De Felipe, Andres Lozano Sanudo and Pablo Muñiz.