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List of social media companies

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BuzzFeed is digital media and technology company delivering news and entertainment content.

Gab is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based social networking service formerly based in Austin, Texas. It was created as an alternative to Twitter and promotes itself as supporting free speech. It allows its users to read and write messages of up to 3,000 characters, called "gabs". The site also offers multimedia functionality.

Voat is a news aggregator and social networking service where registered community members can submit content such as text posts and direct links.

NetBase Solutions, Inc. is a Santa Clara, CA based developer of natural language processing technology used to analyze social media and other web content.

Lenddo EFL offers loans underwritten by social media data to borrowers without established or robust credit histories.

Betaworks is a New York City-based startup studio that builds and invests in internet startups.

BitChute is a video hosting service that uses peer-to-peer WebTorrent technology. It was founded as a way to avoid content rules that are enforced on platforms like YouTube, and some creators who have been banned or had their channels "demonetized" (barred from receiving advertising revenue) on YouTube have migrated to BitChute.

A software company providing a blog comment hosting service for websites.

StartEngine is an equity crowdfunding platform. StartEngine allows non accredited investors invest online, own shares in startups and early growth companies. Over 150 Startups and entrepreneurs have been funded on StartEngine.

Pinterest is a photo sharing, publishing website, social media web and mobile application company.

Indorse is a blockchain software development company offering a blockchain-based platform for validating individuals have the skills they claim to have and connect them with appropriate companies looking to hire for those skills.

Yummypets is a social media network for pets. It allows members to create social profiles for their pets, store photos and videos, build communities and access specific animal related content and services. Yummypets is a subsidiary of French company Octopepper which is headquartered in Bordeaux.

AdEspresso is a company founded by Armando Biondi, Massimo Chieruzzi and Carlo Forghieri.

A virtual reality communications platform. It was founded in 2014 and is located in San Francisco, California. 

A website creation platform that streamlines the production of various websites necessary for businesses to succeed. It is located in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2011.

An online trading platform which is designed for novice traders. It is located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and was founded in 2017.

Zomato is a company providing a search engine application that offers information on restaurants and online food delivery.

Image hosting and video hosting website

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