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Fortress Identity is a Miami-based cybersecurity developer offering multi-factor authentication with biometrics inherence factors to secure iOS and Android applications, active directory environments and Citrix applications.

A software company offering a digital identification and e-signature service platform.

August Schell delivers cybersecurity solutions and cloud computing services to proactively defend and protect organization's data against cyber attacks.

Centrify is a company that offers Identity and Access Management and Privileged Identity Management to secure access across computer network and cloud computing environments. The company was formed in 2004. It is located in Santa Clara, California.

SecureAuth is an Irvine, California-based provider of access control solutions for premises, cloud and web applications, and resources. Solutions include multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, adaptive authentication, and self-service tools. The company provides both cloud-based and virtual appliances.

Civic is secure identity platform that provides multi-factor authentication without the need for username, password, third-party authentication, and physical hardware tokens.

SailPoint Technologies is an Austin, Texas-based cybersecurity company developing identity and access management services.

CredSimple is a New York-based company founded by Mike Simmons, Garry Choy and Sam Meyer.

Whitepages is a Seattle-based identity management company founded by Alex Algard. is a Washington, D.C. based company producing digital identity software for a user's indication verification.

Bitium is a Santa Monica, California-based company founded by Scott Kriz.

Clef is an Oakland, California-based company founded by Jesse Pollak.

Ping Identity is a Denver-based cybersecurity company providing cloud-based identity management software for companies and government organizations.

LoginRadius is a Vancouver-based company that develops a platform for businesses to manage their customers' digital identities.

Evernym is a software company that develops an open source sovereign identity block chain

Openpath Security Inc. is a Culver City, California-based cybersecurity company offering mobile and cloud enabled access control systems.

Versasec is a Stockholm-based company founded by Paul Foley, Joakim Thorén, Per-Anders Fjärdsäter and Joerg Dettmann.

Dashlane is a password manager software company founded by Emmanuel Schalit, Alexis Fogel, Guillaume Maron and Jean Guillou.

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