List of human resources companies

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Recruit Holdings is a Tokyo-based human resources and staffing company founded in 1960.

Lever is an Applicant Tracking System which recruiters and hiring managers can use to track their candidates. The company participated in the S12 cohort of Y Combinator.

Catchafire matches professionally-skilled volunteers with nonprofits and social enterprises.

Akhtaboot is an online career network and employment website serving the MENA region through matching employers to employees.

A company offering an enterprise workplace visitor management software platform.

A healthcare technology company offering a medical professional hiring platform for hospitals.

A company providing team activity subscription for companies

Mya Systems is a company that has developed Mya, a conversational AI platform.

A technology company offering a platform for payroll, benefits, human resources, and compliance.

55B Labs is an artificial intellignece and neuroscience company, founded by Chris Thomas, Chris Tuttle, Joseph Socarras, and Michael McNair.

A venture capital firm in Illinois that focuses on investing at the earliest stage across consumer, enterprise, fin-tech and other industries.

Harri is a New York-based company founded by Luke Fryer.

A recruiting company that finds talent staff for start-up companies. It is located in London, England and was founded in 2015.

A company that provides a platform for business to hire developers and designers from anywhere in the world

Hiring firm providing in-house recruitment services

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