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List of healthcare companies

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Pembient uses advances in biotechnology to fabricate horn and other wildlife products to combat the threat to endangered species.

Illumina is a biotechnology company founded in 1998 located in San Diego, California, developing and selling instruments, reagents, and services for DNA sequencing applications.

Medicalchain is a blockchain platform for securely storing medical records.

Grail is a biotechnology company headquartered in Menlo Park, California that was founded as a spinoff of Illumina Inc and initially headed by Jeffrey Huber in 2016, focused on making a medical device that can detect early stage cancer.

Swirlds is a distributed ledger platform for distributed applications. Swirlds uses a unique consensus algorithm called hashgraph, developed by Leemon Baird.

Orbit Discovery offers a DNA-encoded peptide display technology to identify potential peptide drugs for a range of chronic diseases.

A company that develops and commercializes products for the treatment of dermatological diseases

A biotechnology company researching and developing therapies to increase human lifespan.

A company developing antibody-based biological medicines for kidney diseases and other chronic diseases. Visterra was acquired by Otsuka Pharmaceutical in 2018.

Biotechnology microbial genomics company based in San Francisco

A startup accelerator for biotechnology companies located in San Francisco, California.

A biopharmaceutical company focused on discovery and development of small-molecule drugs to treat genetic and rare diseases

A company developing Hypoxia Inducible Factor therapies to treat kidney diseases and other conditions

Orig3n is a biotechnology company developing personalized regenerative medicine treatments based on patient genetic profiles.

An insurance technology company utilizing technology, design and data to humanize health care. and offer health insurance.

Healthera is a provider of digital healthcare service headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

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