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List of digital health companies

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Sitekit is a digital health company.

German multinational pharmaceutical, chemical, and agricultural biotechnology company

Healthera is a provider of digital healthcare service headquartered in Cambridge, United Kingdom.

An insurance technology company offering a platform for healthcare organizations to access health insurance data to improve their ability to bring new products and services to market.

DreamIt Ventures is a Philadelphia-based company founded by Michael Levinson, David Bookspan and Steve Welch.

Empatica designs and develops devices for seizure monitoring and neurological research.

Root Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in early stage startup technology companies that is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and was founded in 2013 by Avidan Ross.

Buoy Health is an AI symptom checker and health technology company founded by Nathanael Ren, Adam Lathram, Andrew Le, and Eddie Reyes in 2014.

Designer Fund invests in early-stage startups who have designers in their founding team.

Software development company creating deep learning software to assist doctors in grading fundus images for detection of diabetic retinopathy, a type of blindness causes by disease related changes in the vasculature of the retina.

A blockchain platform for exchanging financial information without sharing data. It is located in Marina Del Rey, California and was founded in 2017.

An artificial intelligence company with an online platform for medical imaging analysis, specifically pertaining to strokes. It has offices in Singapore and Australia and was founded in 2017.

Auris Health (formerly Auris Surgical Robots) is a robotic medical company. Auris develops flexible robotics that allow for less invasive entry into the body through its natural openings. It is located in Redwood City, California and was founded in 2007.

Luminate Health is a company founded by Sidd Sinha, Shally Madan and Jessica Hsu.

A software company with an application that tracks data documented during consultations between mental health physicians and their patients. It is located in Toronto, Canada and was founded in 2018.

Clearstep is a company that is known for digital healthcare, originally known as Lytic, founded by Adeel Malik.

A digital health company with an artificial intelligence coach designed for female athletes. It is located in San Francisco, California and was founded in 2017.

A company that developed a mobile app called Kelvin that uses AI to help assess people with Parkinson's by objectively measuring disability from video clips.

Astarte Medical Partners is a startup company headquartered in Yardley, Pennsylvania developing microbial health informatics software that helps optimize nutrition and gut health in preterm infants.

An insurance technology company offering a platform for insurance, benefits, and compliance for startups.