List of COVID-19 vaccine companies

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Pfizer is an American, multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation.

A company developing antibody discovery, engineering, informatics tools and services for the life sciences research and drug discovery markets.

A biotechnology company using placental mesenchymal stem cells to develop cell therapies for medical conditions such as inflammation, ischemia, hematological disorders, and radiation.

Flow Pharma is a Pleasant Hill, California-based company developing preventative immunotherapies and vaccines for breast cancer and human infectious diseases

Vancouver-based company focused on antibody discovery for therapeutics and immune profiling for vaccine research.

Medicago is a biopharmaceutical company founded in 1999, based in Quebec, Quebec, Canada, that uses plant-based manufacturing to develop vaccines and protein-based therapeutics. In 2013 became a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation.

A biopharmaceutical company developing prophylactic and therapeutic application of messenger RNA, which can be used to develop vaccines. It was founded in 2000 and is located in Tübingen, Germany.

Inovio Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company developing and commercializing DNA immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. The company is headquartered in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania and was founded by Joseph Kim in 1983.

Centivax is a San Francisco-based vaccine, therapeutics and biotechnology company which spun out of Distributed Bio and their internal incubated technology projects headed under the name Centivax.

Vaccitech is a T cell immunotherapy company developing products to treat and prevent infectious disease and cancer

A healthcare company that researches and develops various medical therapies, such as pharmaceuticals. It was founded in 1952 and is located in Gujarat, India.

CanSino Biologics (CanSinoBIO) is a bio pharmaceutical company primarily producing vaccines.

Nanomedicine company developing vaccines and therapies with cell-specific targeting.

Vir Biotechnology is a San Francisco-based clinical stage immunology company focused on infectious disease.

HelixNano is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based biotechnology and artificial intelligence company founded in 2013 by Hannu Rajaniemi and Nikolai Eroshenko.

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