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CFD Research Corporation

Artificial Intelligence company

Mighty Buildings is a company working in the construction industry with 3D printing technology and advanced composite materials, funded by Y Combinator.

Loomia was an Internet technology company based in San Francisco, California in the United States.

NanoSonic Inc. is a Pembroke, VA-based advanced materials company specializing in thermal management solutions (such as thermal arrays) and related safety equipment

Geltor is a cellular agriculture company making essential proteins, such as collagen and gelatin, using microbes in their own bio-fermentation recombinant protein production facility.

Avro is a life sciences company, located in Canada and founded in 2016 by Shakir Lakhani and Keean Waterloo, Ontario, that makes skin patches capable of delivering generic drugs.

Solvay is an advanced materials and specialty chemicals company with a focus on sustainable and eco-friendly concrete chemical products.

Fortify is a Boston-based 3D printing company that has the goal to enable fabrication of composites with optimized microstructures

Nanox Intelligent Materials develops solutions for antimicrobial protection in the retail, food packaging, textile, architecture and design segments.

PhaseCraft is company that is developing fundamental quantum theory and software for quantum computers.

Bagaveev Corporation is a nanosatellite launcher company designing, developing and testing pressure fed 3D printed rocket engines. It participated in the W15 cohort of Y Combinator.

Quantum Materials Corp. manufacture quantum dots and develop related products for use in displays, solar energy, lighting and anti-counterfeit applications.

A company making specialized hardware that enables 3D printing with soft materials like silicone, polyurethane, latex, biopolymers, conductive inks, icing sugar, and Nutella.

A technology company offering a platform for finding and evaluating source materials.

An industrial biotechnology company engineering microbial cellulose materials for water purification applications.

A seed and early stage venture capital management company in Spain specialized on Deep Tech and Tech Transfer

Industrial Microbes or iMicrobes is a synthetic biology company developing fermentation technology. It participated in the W15 cohort of Y Combinator.

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