The most comprehensive knowledge platform
We have built a set of powerful tools to access, contribute to and compare world knowledge.
Golden for contributors
Low friction, high leverage editing tools
AI-assisted editor
Save time creating knowledge by extracting information from URLs.
Intuitive visual editing
Edit in an easy to use, visual editor with extensive functionality.
Keyboard shortcut friendly
Save time by using our keyboard shortcuts.
AI-assisted editing
Magic table cells
Extract information from URLs to automatically fill in tables.
Event extraction
Extract events from URLs to help build a timeline around a topic.
Magic citations
Save time by using our AI-powered citation system.
Automatic contents bar creation
Our content bars are created automatically from the headers of your text.
Real-time AI suggestions
The Golden AI suggests improvements as you edit.
AI-suggested crosslinking between topics
We make it easy to link between topics using AI.
AI-suggested thumbnail detection
We find thumbnails for topics automatically.
AI feedback on your edits
Coming soon.
Mobile-friendly modular editing
Edit Golden in a modular way on your phone using our AI suggestions.
Community tools and modern policies
No arbitrary notability requirements
Golden aims to gather the largest set of topics in extreme detail.
Content issues management
Assign issues to people and make comments to help improve content quality.
Anti-dupe tools
Our AI helps you merge topics that are duplicates.
Revert, commit messages, merge conflict control
Keep content correct with our easy-to-use tools.
Golden for readers
Golden Public Knowledge Base
Deeper topic schema
From full prose, citations, timeline entries, news, related topics, people and companies.
Database of knowledge
Golden database contains highly specialized topics on industrial, commercial and scientific areas.
Clusters of topics
Golden clusters the latest topic areas making it easier to get a complete view on a related set of topics.
Structured data
Access full tabular structured data specific to topics of interest.
Topic timelines
Track and analyze the timeline of a topic.
Enhanced search
Find precise and useful information on specific topics.
Keep tabs on your favorite subjects
Track topics and clusters
Keep on top of the latest movements in areas of interest.
Activity feeds
Keep up to date with specific contributors by tracking their edit history.
Deep, trustable information
High resolution citations
Golden displays highlights to aid a tighter binding between claim and evidence.
Transparent revision and edit history
A full history of all changes made with revert and restore capabilities.
Freshly enriched
News connected
See news surrounding a topic and use this to create timeline entries.
Golden for your organization
Powerful Research Engine
Query structured data across topics
Execute advanced queries over the Golden data set.
Alerts on new information
Get informed if new results match your queries.
Extensive industry tagging
Highly specific technical tags matched to companies, technologies, people and more.
Request more information on query
Trigger research requests on information around a query if you find it to be inadequate and our AI enabled helpers will max out the data request.
Request deep information on a topic
1 click button to trigger fast turnaround of full information surrounding a topic of interest.
Track your research
Keep lists of interesting topics organized and share inside your organization.
Fine-grained alerts
Set up programmatic alerts for specific properties of entities.
Built for teams
Private organization
Set up a private organization for members on your team.
Encrypted private information.
Private subdomain
House your research in a private knowledge base.
Data enrichment
Enrich your data with Golden’s data set via API or integrations.
Easy access to our data
Export the data
Export data into easy to use formats such as CSV.
API access for enrichment and discovery
Access our powerful API for structured data. Learn more in our API docs.
Pull data into your classic CRMs using our integrations.
Private knowledge base (coming soon)
Annotate a public topic in private
Accelerate your research by annotating private notes onto a public topic.
Private topics and clusters
Use our AI-assisted editor to construct private research in a secure environment.