Using the Golden Research Engine to query the Y Combinator S19 Batch

Twice a year Y Combinator hosts a Demo Day where all of the companies that have just finished the YC program pitch their business to investors and alumni. Recently, Demo Day has expanded to two separate stages across three days to account for the 170+ companies presenting.

Golden has opened a new query result to make it easy to research and understand the 160+ companies that are launching at Y Combinator’s Summer 2019 (YC S19) Demo Day.  Each company has a canonical page explaining what they are working on. Most information was compiled from public signals prior to demo day using the Golden’s Research Engine. [Note: off-the-record companies have been excluded even if there is public signal that they are in the batch]. As usual if we missed anything or corrections need to made, please do so or let us know.

Check out the YC S19 batch.

Digging into trends

Y Combinator graduates are collectively worth over $100 billion and include companies as varied as Dropbox, Coinbase, Stripe, Soylent, and over 2,000 other ones that you can check out here.

We dug into the YC S19 companies to identify a few trends that we found interesting.

Medicine & Biotech

Y Combinator continues to invest strongly in startups working in the medical and biotechnology field.  We identified a number of startups working in the medical and biotechnology field.  Some of these startups are software tools, some are services, others focus on diagnostics or analytics:
Apero Health, AudioFocus, DirectShifts, Hey Healthcare, Legacy, Mighty Health, Mindset, ReverCare, Shift Health, Symplex, Vitau, Voyage Biomedical, Z Imaging and more.

As for biotech: Arpeggio Biosciences, Encellin, EncepHeal Therapeutics, GEn1E Lifesciences and more.

Companies working in the Cannabis sector continue to get investment e.g. Canix - ML software for cannabis growers.

Remote work, AI tools and collaboration as a theme

Multiple companies also building tools for collaboration and remote work such as Actiondesk, Tandem, PopSQL, Taskade, Gmelius, FeaturePeek and more.

Golden Research Engine - find out more
If you’d like to go deeper on the hundreds of thousands of public and private companies in Golden, check out the Golden Research Engine.  This subscription product enables you to create any custom query you’d like and obtain full information about topics you are interested in. Check out more information on the Golden Research Engine, and contact us to schedule a demo or sign up to start researching now.

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