Introducing Golden Open

As part of our mission to map all scientific, technological, and industrial entities and topics, we are excited to announce a broad set of upgrades to Golden. We have opened many features up to users, ranging from being able to lodge data requests for free, to a suite of knowledge tools, a new Pro tier, and upgrades to existing Enterprise customers. First off, we are allowing all users to request data using our Research Request feature - you can lodge canonical data requests and Golden research systems will go find the information and email you when found. Requests can be in the form of a query, i.e. โ€˜find me a complete list of all animal related crypto currenciesโ€™ or maybe you want a complete profile on a topic or entity, like an understanding of whale conservation technology or an electric plane company, or maybe you just need a single data attribute, for example, what is the DSSTox ID of Baricitinib? This mechanism helps fill out the Golden Knowledge Graph, while maintaining the privacy of your request and saving you time having to trawl through the web to get the data you need.

Personally, Iโ€™ve used Research Requests to find out everything on topics ranging from synthetic blood companies, to board members, to innovative fields like quantum memory, to funding round history on pre-unicorns. Itโ€™s powerful stuff, and a new way of working asynchronously. Additionally, we have opened up other key features to Free users and introduced a new Pro tier. More on this below:

Productizing finding canonical information

We have productized finding canonical data for your research purposes. Opening this feature up to the public accelerates data acquisition into Goldenโ€™s public knowledge graph, prioritizing the collection of what users want to know. Enterprise and Pro clients obtain priority in the queue and Enterprise clients will receive results within timeframes backed by an SLA, access to bulk requests via API and special research request types (e.g. clusters).

Query tool now available to all users

We have opened our Query Tool to Free and Pro accounts. Previously our Query tool has only been accessible to Enterprise users. ย You can use this feature to search for entities using very specific Boolean queries and, most importantly, use the Research Request function to get more results if Golden is missing data. Result limits are higher for Pro and Enterprise accounts, and they can also export results. All users can save queries into their work spaces and transfer entities of interest over to our List product. Let us know what you think as we are constantly improving the UI and data.

Personal Workspaces and Lists

Now Free account holders can use the Golden Knowledge Graph to power their own personal workspaces with access to the Query Tool, Lists, Pipelines (see below), Research Requests and other features. These can be upgraded to Pro Personal workspaces, or even Pro and Enterprise team workspaces with custom sub domains. You also have access to creating Lists using canonical entities to power the management of your private knowledge and save time updating publicly known fields. Lists are self-updating tables of entities that allow you to build rich views of canonical and private data in minutes. For example, you could create a List of all of the startup companies that you are interested in, add their website, CEO, founder, funding rounds, investors, and company description in just a few clicks. The fields will automatically populate from the Golden Knowledge Graph and update in real-time when new data is added. Never have a stale research spreadsheet again. If we are missing data, you can lodge a Research Request and Golden will find it.


Our latest feature is the ability to construct pipelines from your List entities. You can use entities to construct pipelines which can be used for investment pipeline tracking, partnerships, sales pipelines, or anything that might have a fundamental entity or topic involved. This comes with some unique advantages, e.g. if the name of the entity or logo changes, this will be automatically reflected in your pipeline. Soon, we will introduce smart rules to allow entities to move through stages based on their specific canonical attributes e.g. if a company hits a funding round stage or amount raised, it will move through to that pipeline stage automatically. This is not limited to company entity types, so we are excited to see what you build with it. Surprise us.

Generate entity-powered List via Import CSV

This feature allows you to use an entity-based CSV to construct a live List. We use an entity matching algorithm to link your entities to our Knowledge Graph to help power your fields and keep your List up to date. This feature is early in its development and you can manually match entities if we fail to auto-match them.

Open Lists - curate knowledge graph powered public Lists

In addition to open queries, we now have open Lists, allowing Lists to be publicly shared. Some groups of entities donโ€™t currently fit well into Boolean type queries and are best served as a manually curated set of entities. For example, โ€˜animal related crypto currenciesโ€™ or โ€˜musicians who also investโ€™, or โ€˜investors who left San Franciscoโ€™. The main motivation behind this feature comes from seeing many interesting lists on the web quickly going out of date as entity names change, properties change, or certain entities become obsolete. The ability for multiple people to maintain a List and keep it up to date using a knowledge graph to power the underlying data will make out-of-date-data a thing of the past. We are excited to see what Lists people create and share with the web.

Onwards to a complete Knowledge Graph!

The changes we have made support the underlying mission of mapping human knowledge, from the mechanisms of lodging research requests to Open Lists, opening the query tool, workspaces and CSV file import functionality. We are excited to see what you do with it, what data youโ€™re looking for and the features you want next. Come help us build this graph! Sign up for a Golden account here.

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