Access the Golden Knowledge Graph using the Golden ChatGPT Plugin

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Golden ChatGPT Plugin, integrating the Golden Knowledge Graph automatically into your ChatGPT conversations. This ensures that generated outputs contain the most accurate, cited facts with links to full entity information on

The Golden Knowledge Graph is a comprehensive, continually updated database that provides structured, factual data across a wide range of subjects: from companies to people, from patents to government grants, and more. By enabling the Golden ChatGPT Plugin, you are able to access this wealth of fact-based information during your conversations with ChatGPT and even edit the underlying data if there is an error (using Whereas ChatGPT is currently limited in knowledge of events and data after 2021, Golden brings up to date information on topics and entities.

Make powerful queries in natural language (coming soon):

The Golden query tool can be accessed via ChatGPT with prompts like ‘make a table of companies building generative AI’. This saves time in finding collections of entities based on specific search criteria.

Prevent ChatGPT “hallucinations”

Crucially, the Golden plugin directly addresses ChatGPT’s known issue of sometimes making up facts that appear realistic. Instead of making up plausible facts in an answer, ChatGPT can call the Golden plugin to have access to known factual data. This can help prevent users from seeing information that is invalid.

Compare entities

Use the plugin to directly compare two entities, where ChatGPT will list corresponding and diverging points. Once data has been loaded from Golden you can further continue the conversation and have ChatGPT dive deeper into analysis.

How it works

Golden uses vector database technologies to achieve semantic disambiguation of natural language into specific entities, followed by data retrieval from the Golden Knowledge Graph to infuse ChatGPT with relevant information. Special attention has been made to achieve hallucination prevention when it comes to factual statements. In the case of queries, we use GPT-4 to build an association between the natural language prompt and boolean filters in the Golden Query Tool, allowing the plugin to search across the graph and infuse conversations with the resulting data.

How to use it

Once installed, the Golden ChatGPT Plugin will automatically be used by ChatGPT whenever a question regarding an identifiable entity or query is identified. You may also directly invoke the plugin by saying:

  • “Check that with Golden”
  • “Use Golden: <your factual question here>”
  • "Show a table of companies founded in Austin"

ChatGPT simply generates much better responses when it has access to a known corpus of facts. With the Golden ChatGPT Plugin, we aim to provide you with a dependable and powerful tool that can assist you in seeking more correct answers.

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You can also follow us on Twitter, and anyone can sign up for a free Golden account to use Golden data directly.

—The Golden Team

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